Birth of a flower

Nascita di un fiore

My inspirational muse was, as for several other works, my daughter Beatrice.  I had taken a photograph of her while she was sleeping in an unusual position, and some time later, as the theme for the competition was free to choose, I decided to make a quilt from that photo.  The most difficult part was the background, which I wanted to be modern and articulate, but above all it had to cradle her image.  I used black Mistyfuse to create an intertwining motif which rises from the ground to the feet and legs, like roots.

Third prize at the international competition organized by the national guild Quiltitalia, contemporary category.

Techniques: Fabric painting with oil paint sticks on double-yarn cotton, hand and machine piecing, free-hand machine quilting.

Materials: American quilting cotton, laminated fabric, transparent and rayon threads, “Steam a Seam 2”, black Mistyfuse, oil paint sticks.

In: Fantasy