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Juliette and Romeo

Giulietta e Romeo

The inspiration for this work comes from the painting “The Wounded” by Young painter Isabella Deganis, who died prematurely.

This work has been required and donated to the city of Udine at the exhibition “The kind face of the art in Patria del Friuli” organized for the fifth centenary of Romeo and Juliet’s history (1511-2011).

Technics: painting on cotton cloth with pastelloni oil. All the pieces that compose it are hand-sewn and then passed through a machine at some points. Freehand quilting machine.

Materials: American cotton fabrics, batik, silk, tulle for sugared almonds. Padding silk. transparent threads, metallic and rayon Madeira.

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Back towards peace

Ritorno alla pace

Crusaders and knights have always fascinated me, so I decided to make a quilt with this subject.

Technics: painting on fabric with pastelloni oil, hand appliqué and machine-rehearsed at some points, hand and machine quilting by hand.

Materials: American cotton fabrics, batik, silk, lace, pastelloni oil, soft wire, metal and Madeira rayon, silk upholstery.

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The Citadel

La Cittadella

I love Tuscany and Art History, and the frescoe which inspired my work seems to be an ideal city, where life is peaceful, far away from traffic, polution, everyday stress, where there is time to dedicate to human relation ships.

Finalist at Biennal of Houston: “The Festival Gallery of Quilt Art: Town and Country”

Techniques: hand and machine appliquè, hand and machine quilted.

Materials: cotton, silk and wool fabrics, cotton and rayon threads, silk batting.

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The silver knight

Cavaliere d'argento

For a long time I wanted to create medieval subjects. So when I was suggested with the Crusaders I invented this solitary rider. Upholstery fabrics are served to harness the horse, and with thirst I created the knight’s armor.

Selected to represent Italy in Birmingham

Technics: hand and machine sewing, machine quilted by hand

Materials: silk, cloth upholstery, cotton lurex

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