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Pop-e Francis

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The gift

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The Good Sheperd

Il Buon Pastore

Participated in the 13th Biennial Triveneta of Sacred Art in Venice. Donated to the Holy Church.

Technics: painting on fabric with pastelloni oil, hand appliqué, machine quilting freehand.

Materials: cotton, batik fabrics, nylon tents, pastelloni oil, Madeira rayon threads. Padding Plume.

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Playing with ribbons and feathers

Il gioco dei nastri e delle piume

Babies or angels?  What is important is the feelings they express: peace, joy, buoyancy…

First prize in the international competition MEDinITALY titled “A Passion for Art Nouveau!”

Techniques: Fabric painting with oil paint sticks, hand and machine appliqué, free-hand machine quilting.

Materials: American patchwork cottons, double-yarn cotton, and batiks; laminated, rayon and transparent mono-filament threads.

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My shy Angel

Il mio angelo timido

Each participant chose a poem to interpret for the national competition “Poetry, Form and Color” at the Manualmente Fair, Turin.  My choice was “My Shy Angel” by Tommaso Putignano; I wrote the poem on the back of the quilt and went over the writing with my sewing machine.

Prize for the “Best Use of Color”.

Techniques:  Fabric painting with oil paint sticks on double-yarn cotton, hand appliqué, hand and machine stitching, hand and machine quilting.

Materials: Batiks and double-yarn cotton; metallic, multicolored and rayon threads.

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The Hand-Maidens

Le Ancelle

This work is part of “The Gallery of Invisible Cities” organized by the Italian National Guild Quiltitalia.  The competition theme was a journey through the cities mentioned by the writer Italo Calvino.  My quilt is a detail taken from an altar piece in the church of St. Andrew in Portogruaro “The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple” by Giovanni Martini (painted 1512-1513).  The entire altar piece measures 381 by 285 cm, but the part I chose to reproduce (handmaidens with a basket and doves) is about 100 by 200 cm.  The greatest difficulty was matching the green and violet of the gowns, which are identical to the painting of the same name by Carpaccio.

Techniques:  Fabric painting with oil paint sticks on double-yarn cotton, hand appliqué. I used bleach in order to obtain the shading of the green silk creating the illusion of movement in the gowns.  Free-hand machine quilting and hand quilting in a few areas.

Materials: Double-yarn cotton, batiks, silk, and cotton; rayon and transparent mono-filament thread.

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The Annunciation


This quilt required an exhaustive search of tissues to get all the nuances that were used. It has been inspired by an Antoniozzo Romano’s fresco. Antoniozzo Romano was a painter coming from the school of Piero della Francesca and his fresco is on the Pantheon, Rome.

Finalist in “International Quilt Association-Celebrate Spring!” – Houston
Finalist in the “Pacific International Quilt Festival” – XVII Quilt competition “The Adventure begins”

Technics: painting on double twisted cotton with oil sticks, hand-sewn and rehearsed in some places by machine, quilted by hand or machine.

Materials: American cotton fabrics, batiks, rayon fabric, wire and soft.

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