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Do you remember?

Do you remember

What could be nicer than a picnic on the beach with her ​​friends and dream of times gone?

Birmingham – The Festival of Quilts.
Finalist in the competition “The International Quilt Festival – Celebrate Spring!”

Technics: Hand-painted on double twisted cotton, sewing everything by hand and rehearsed in some places with the full point by machine, quilted by machine.

Material: silk, calico American Association for the sky and cotton for the parts painted. Rayon and metallic threads.

In: Fantasy


Fondale marino

Beautiful view of the seabed with fish, corals and algae.

First prize at the National Competition “Transparencies of marine flora and fauna”

Technics: painting on silk and alcantara with pastelloni oil, quilting machine.

Materials: Batiks, silk, cloth upholstery, wire and soft rayon.

In: Fantasy

The year of the Dragon

L'anno del Dragone

This quilt was created in 2012 for the international competition “Scents from the Orient”; works were to be made in traditional patchwork with an oriental theme.  I was inspired by the dragon, the  sign of the Chinese zodiac from that period.  I used the classic Double Wedding Ring pattern for the background and reverse-appliquéd the dragon which was prepared entirely beforehand.  All the background fabrics are original Japanese prints.

First prize at the international competition “Scents from the Orient” – Italy – traditional category.

Techniques: Double wedding ring pattern, reverse appliqué, quilting with mono-filament transparent thread.

Materials: Japanese fabric, and batiks; metallic, rayon and multicolored threads.

In: Fantasy

Birth of a flower

Nascita di un fiore

My inspirational muse was, as for several other works, my daughter Beatrice.  I had taken a photograph of her while she was sleeping in an unusual position, and some time later, as the theme for the competition was free to choose, I decided to make a quilt from that photo.  The most difficult part was the background, which I wanted to be modern and articulate, but above all it had to cradle her image.  I used black Mistyfuse to create an intertwining motif which rises from the ground to the feet and legs, like roots.

Third prize at the international competition organized by the national guild Quiltitalia, contemporary category.

Techniques: Fabric painting with oil paint sticks on double-yarn cotton, hand and machine piecing, free-hand machine quilting.

Materials: American quilting cotton, laminated fabric, transparent and rayon threads, “Steam a Seam 2”, black Mistyfuse, oil paint sticks.

In: Fantasy

First Light at Dawn

Prima luce dell'alba

For this quilt I painted an olive tree growing in the red soil of Puglia.  One can see the sea and coast far away in the background.  Each leaf was sewn separately, and two different gold, silver and dark gray metallic treads were used to create movement.

First prize at the national competition “A Journey Among Southern Colors” – Italy

Techniques: Fabric painting with oil paint sticks, “snippets”, appliqué, machine quilting and embroidery.

Materials: American quilting cotton and batiks; multicolored and metallic threads.

In: Fantasy

Rolling into a new season

Rolling into a new season

I’ve always loved plants and for a period I also did botanical design. In this paper my grandson Richard does a somersault into a new season, towards the future. Expression of hope and shining future.

Birmingham – selected for the 2007 Quilt Gallery
Finalist at ‘International Quilt Association: “A World of Beauty”

Technics: painted with oil sticks on double twisted cotton, applique, batiks cut following colors to create a three dimensional effect. Machine embroidery with frame, machine quilting freehand.

Materials: batiks, double twisted cotton, pastelloni oil, soft wire and Madeira rayon

In: Fantasy