Like a greek goddess

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In: Love

Venice carnival

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In: Fantasy

A relaxed morning

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In: Love

Rolling into spring

Rolling into spring

What is more wonderful then a somersault on new spring grass?  This is what my two years old grandson must have thought, when a cold winter, he saw the soft green lawn.  I captured the moment with my fabrics and paints : his somersault surpresed the frog who stopped in the shallow water,  the bee who flew low over the water making concentric rings on its surface,  and the grasshopper who stopped to let him pass. His innocence and his play fullness bring a breath of fresh spring air to all of us.

First place for Italy at ” World Quilt  Competition 2007″ New England – Honorable mention at IQA (International Quilt Association) – Houston

Technics: hand painted with pastel-oil,  snippets,  appliquè,  machine sewn and embroidered,  hand and machine quilted.

In: Fantasy

First love

Primo amore

This quilt is dedicated to my son Ludovico who recently passed away and to his great love Francesca. The flower of love is the classic red rose, as symbols the golden ring on her finger and the sweet and tender protective embrace of Ludovico.

First prize at the National Competition “Symbols & Flowers of Love” – Italy.

Technics: painting on fabric with pastelloni oil, applied by hand, freehand machine quilting, hand quilting, machine embroidery and freehand frame.

Materials: silk, cotton and double twisted, rolled wire and madeira rayon.

In: Love



The expression “They are sleeping and dreaming” , like as dream,  induces sleep of Laura and her daughter.

Finalist at International Competition “Text on Textiles: Words as Design on Quilts”,  International Quilt Association – Houston

Techniques: hand paint on cotton fabric, pieced by hand and machine embroidered and quilted.

Materials: batiks, cotton fabric for the skin, metallic and rayon threads.

In: Love

Triumph of flowers and fruits

Trionfo di fiori e frutta

This work I was required from ‘Ente Fiera di Vicenza on the occasion of the exhibition “Design with the patchwork.” This quilt has a double face: the design with fruit and flowers was facing a classic décor, while the geometric positioned towards the back was a modern one. This quilt has required a great looking fabrics.

Selected at the World Competition World Quilt Competition, traveling exhibition in North America.

Technics: broiderie lost, appliqué, machine embroidery with and without frame, quilting machine.

In: Fantasy

Party dreams

Party Dreams

My  daughter Beatrice and her friend are getting ready for a party: Beatrice is combing Diletta’s hair, dreaming that they are already there.

Finalist at “Open European Quilt Championships” – Veldhoven – Holland.

Techniques: paint sticks on cotton fabric, hand appliquè, machine embroidery

Materials: cotton fabric-silk, rayon and metallic threads.

In: Fantasy

The cornucopia

La Cornucopia

With a cornucopia full of autumn fruits I intended to represent abundance and autumn colors. This work has been donated to the non-profit organization “International Quilt Association” in Houston.

1st prize in the “Ars Orobiae: Fruits & Colors of Autumn” organized in Bergamo “Creattiva – Fair manual arts.”

Technics: touches of color with pastelloni oil, broiderie lost, appliqué by hand. Freehand quilting machine.

Materials: American cotton fabrics, batik, pastelloni oil, padding Plume, Madeira rayon thread

In: Fantasy

Juliette and Romeo

Giulietta e Romeo

The inspiration for this work comes from the painting “The Wounded” by Young painter Isabella Deganis, who died prematurely.

This work has been required and donated to the city of Udine at the exhibition “The kind face of the art in Patria del Friuli” organized for the fifth centenary of Romeo and Juliet’s history (1511-2011).

Technics: painting on cotton cloth with pastelloni oil. All the pieces that compose it are hand-sewn and then passed through a machine at some points. Freehand quilting machine.

Materials: American cotton fabrics, batik, silk, tulle for sugared almonds. Padding silk. transparent threads, metallic and rayon Madeira.

In: Medieval